How Businesswomen Can Protect Their Businesses

Over the last century, women have made important strides in the business world, and they continue to run and form businesses of their own in even greater numbers. Still, it's important for businesswomen to have good legal counsel to protect their businesses. It would benefit a businesswoman to have a good attorney for a variety of reasons. Even in our modern age, many women did not grow up learning about the legal aspects of running a business. And unfortunately women in business still face discrimination and sexual harassment, and legal counsel will be able to provide a woman with options for seeking legal recourse. Additionally, for any entrepreneur, often one must procure many licenses from the city, county or state of operation to legally operate her business and avoid fines.

Starting and running a business requires a lot of legal paperwork. Regardless of field, the owner or proprietor will have to navigate the licensing and permit requirements of her business. She will need to make sure that all the necessary licenses and permits for her business are correct. Because requirements vary widely from business to business and from state to state and even from city to city, having a lawyer do this work benefits the business owner greatly. Possessing the proper licenses and permits and keeping everything current will prevent a business owner from facing fines or other blocks to the smooth operation of her business.

Having a good legal representation can also benefit women in business by helping them choose the right way to legally register their business. For someone without experience, it can be hard to know the difference between types of corporations. Having assistance from someone versed in law can help a business owner make the right decision about how to form her business. Those in the legal field know the difference between S-corporations and C-corporations, and they can also tell their clients about the benefits of forming an LLC, also known as a limited liability company, or incorporating with shareholders. They will also help the proprietor register her business names if it is different from the name of the corporation.

Each type of corporation fits a different type of business and is usually picked based on the business's size and potential liability. Also, each offers specific tax benefits and different levels of protection to the owner in case the business gets sued. It's important that any women in business or seek legal advice from a trusted professional before settling on how to incorporate.

Legal representation is also useful to businesswomen and business owners in many types of scenarios besides the initial forming of the business. A business owner should have legal representation in case the business gets sued by a dissatisfied customer or vendor. Or she may need to sue others for property damage or theft. Additionally, having legal counsel represent the business owner in court if she faces allegations of misconduct or if someone slanders or libels her prevents her from having to defend herself in court. This way she can often avoid going to court herself and concentrate on the day-to-day aspects of running her business.